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Saturday, 20 August 2011

G.S.Antiques Facebook Store

The speed at which we develop our technology is truly astonishing, it can be the definitive factor behind the success of companies and individuals. Social media has never been this active with the likes of Twitter and Facebook leaping into the foreground, creating new and exciting opportunities for all. Graham Smith Antiques are the first UK antique business to have the pleasure of announcing the arrival of our brand new Facebook Store.

Our objective is to improve our services by making antiques more accessible to a wider audience. This means developing and using a simple and clear navigational system throughout the online store and providing helpful features such as "Antique Terminology" to explain the language used in the item descriptions. The store links in securely to Paypal so that customers can quickly and easily make purchases without leaving Facebook. Currently the Facebook store takes UK orders with a plan to expand into international orders in 2012.

ID: 9579

Each week our team of staff will carefully select items of furniture, smaller items and gift ideas to ensure a fresh set of choices for our customers. Photographs are included with the option of viewing the item up to ten times the original size. A popular item among the staff and customers, shown in the photograph above, is a beautifully decorated Victorian jewellery box made by "Garrard & Co". For those who are not familiar with "Garrard & Co." they were the UK Crown Jewellers from 1843 to 2007.  More information is available on our Facebook store together with many more splendid and unique items, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your armchair, all available from Graham Smith Antiques.

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