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Monday, 15 August 2011

FitzRoy's Remarks

With the strength of summer thinning out, predicting the weather becomes a more practical and necessary preparation for the day.  1st August 2011 marked the 150th anniversary of the first weather forecast, printed in "The Times", researched and developed by Admiral Robert FitzRoy.  FitzRoy, commander of the infamous HMS Beagle, appointed Charles Darwin as his on board companion who discovered and named a new species of dolphin, "Delphinius Fitzroyi", in honour of the Captain. 

In 1859, an unforeseen storm caused the loss of the Royal Charter, counting the highest number of deaths at the time.  This catastrophe inspired FitzRoy, who by that time was head of the British Meteorologist Department, to develop charts based on data collected by electrical telegraphs in order to predict the weather.  It was Fitzroy who first coined the term "weather forecast" and established Barometer stations as well as inventing the "Admiral FitzRoy Domestic Barometer".  Since 2002, his name is announced daily on the UK's BBC Radio 4, as part of the shipping forecast. 

Graham Smith Antiques are proud to present a FitzRoy Barometer, encased in carved oak.  The Barometer is in full working order and in great condition, the "FitzRoy's Remarks" columns a pleasing inclusion in this piece.  The Barometer is located in our Jesmond shop and on our website which provides more information, photographs and dimensions. 

"FitzRoy's Remarks"

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