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Saturday, 6 August 2011

All In The Call Of Duty!

Following on from our last blog, posting following Graham's travels in France, Graham also visited Champagne for some background research into which bottle of bubbly would be suitable for our antique champagne glasses (see images below) which are new to our website and shop. A very important task, Graham took it in his stride and did thorough "research" eventually deciding on the Brut and Rosé.

An abundance of pride, care and patience goes into the production of the champagne, including a three year waiting period for the champagne to ferment; almost three times longer than the minimum that the Champagne authorities stipulate. 

The champagne produced by Mr Charbaut, pictured above, is made from three types of grape, which were all grown on the family vineyards, originally landscaped in the 1930's by Mr Charbaut's grandfather.  The grapes are pressed, fermented and eventually bottled with yeast, sugar and a pressure cap.  The gradual process of upending the bottles over the years, allows the remaining sediment to travel to the neck of the bottle which is then frozen.  This clever technique enables the easy removal of the sediment, trapped within the block of ice. More champagne is poured into each bottle to fill them and then finally the cork, label and wire are attached, and the champagne is finally ready for storage and sale. 

Such a fascinating process which brings together tradition and quality must be paired with excellent quality drinking glasses.  At Graham Smith Antiques, we have just sold our large set of champagne glasses, leaving a classic set of six glasses and three elegant champagne flutes available to buy in our shop, pictured below.

Set of six French Champagne glasses, circa 1920

Traditionally shaped glasses are becoming hard to come by and their delicate elegance still appeals today. The set of six champagne glasses would encourage any owner to celebrate even the smallest of successes in style. Such distinctive glassware offers a fine excuse to invite friends and family over with the opportunity to savour the glamour of the past. This set of champagne glasses would make a sophisticated addition to any home. You can access more information and photographs via our Jesmond shop or website.  For further details regarding the Champagne Cave please visit the Charbaut website:

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