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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Writing Boxes

For some of us, writing letters is a deeply personal and thoughtful way to keep in touch with loved ones. Everyone is heartened when they receive a crisp, hand written envelope with their name on the front.

For those who still prefer to hand-write the occasional letter or document, Graham Smith Antiques has carefully chosen a few writing boxes - the perfect gift. Shown in the photograph below is a Georgian, mahogany writing box with a style of classic simplicity. All of the writing boxes included in this blog have storage compartments concealed inside for inkwells, pens and writing surfaces.

If you prefer a more decorative piece then the Indian Vizagpatam writing slope is a lovely choice. Named after a major seaport on the southeast coast of India, this example is made from veneered sandalwood with an ivory border, inside and out, which is beautifully engraved with a floral pattern. It has a working lock and key (which are hard to find) so you can trust your personal writings are kept safe.

More decorative still is our Regency writing box, pictured below, with its’ unique illustrations. The majority of the box is made from amboyna, a rare exotic wood noted for its swirling patterns in the grain. Circa 1810, this writing box also has a working lock and key.

Portable, contained and secure, writing boxes were the laptops of the antique world. Today they can be the guardians of our most treasured form of communication, the hand crafted personal letter.

We are currently improving our company website to make the antiques in our collection even more accessible and to a wider audience. In the meantime we are providing links to new stock items via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Alternatively you can ring us on 01912 815 065 for further assistance and information on current and new stock.

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