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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Something to get you 'hooked' for Christmas!

With the the first snow of winter falling north of the border, it feels like Christmas is well and truly on it's way!  We can feel the unusually mild November air changing to its more familiar chill - definitely time to be thinking of getting out those thick winter coats and warm boots. But where to put them?  At Graham Smith Antiques we have have a collection of individual hallway stands to store all the family's winter hats, coats and scarves - something to get you hooked on Christmas! 

First of all there is this distinctive, late Victorian hallway stand (above) with enough hooks for the extended family and friends as well. Complete with a section to store snowy shoes and dripping umbrellas, this stand is guaranteed to be a Christmas helper!  

The oak hallway stand, shown below, is an alternative to the previous stand. More traditional in design and very practical. This item (circa 1880) even comes with a mirror for a last minute check before to make sure your scarf is on tight and snug before dashing out the door to get to that Christmas party!  

We are currently improving our company website to make the antiques in our collection even more accessible and to a wider audience. In the meantime we are providing links to new stock items via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Alternatively you can ring us on 01912 815 065 for further assistance and information on current and new stock.

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