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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Victorian High Chair

Antique children’s furniture is often more evocative of the original owner than other antique furniture, perhaps because of the many tactile signs of use on the family-worn exterior.  The appealing nature of children’s furniture can owe itself to the familiarity with its ‘grown-up’ equivalent piece of antique furniture, combined with the novelty of its small scale.  These romantic association's stemming from Victorian’s love of the sentimental, are true of the Victorian high chair that is for sale at Graham Smith Antiques. Whilst it has these characterful signs of use, nevertheless it is in remarkably good condition. The mahogany structure and framework are as strong today as they were new.  With its endearing proportions yet thoughtful practicalities of use, this high chair would still be suitable for new generations of children. 

The chair in Graham Smith Antiques consists of its original cushion and fixtures. These allow the chair to be separated from its four-legged base transforming it into a chair and matching table.  This high chair could be used for decorative purposes such as a home for beloved toys, textiles or a decorative feature on its own as well as its main purpose – as a safe and comfortable child's chair, for many years to come.  You can find more details about the high chair on Antique Atlas website.  Thank you for reading Graham Smith Antiques weekly blog.

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