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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Secrets of the Past

Antiques, Victorian in particular, are full of wonderful, hidden surprises.  Secret drawers and compartments are some of the many treasures left for the new owner to discover over time.

An example of this intriguing and clever use of space and privacy is demonstrated in the design of the box desk, illustrated below.  This beautiful box, made from rosewood with brass inlay, was crafted to store writing tools and supports but the real hidden gem is behind the lining, waiting to be unlocked! To find out more, visit our shop.

Another fine example of antiques with a hint of mystery is the bureau, an example from our stock is shown in the photograph below. This example is richly coloured with walnut veneer detailing. Hidden behind the internal workings are two secret compartments, possibly used for holding important documents.

Such secret features often found in antiques add an exciting element to collecting. You can explore these delightful mysteries when you are next visiting Graham Smith Antiques. You will be surprised!

We are currently improving our company website to make the antiques in our collection even more accessible and to a wider audience. In the meantime we are providing links to new stock items via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Alternatively you can ring us on 01912 815 065 for further assistance and information on current and new stock.

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