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Friday, 3 June 2011

Wedding Gift Inspiration 2011

This weeks blog aims to inform and inspire, with suggestions on items to select as wedding gifts for friends and family.

Choosing antiques as wedding gifts is particularly on trend this year as there has been a distinct move towards 'Green weddings' with eco friendly choices. Wedding Ideas Magazine and Brides Magazine are full of eco-friendly ways to create your perfect day and this theme does not often lend iteself very well to luxurious or desirable gifts, with suggestions such as 'refuse gifts altogether' or 'make a donation to the rainforest allaince' often quoted by wedding publications. However, most people tend to prefer buying tangible presents for a couple, something for longevity that they can see in their home for years to come.

As you will no doubt realise, antiques are the ultimate green tangible gift as they are made using natural materials and recycled, often having been produced hundreds of year ago! We have made a few suggestions below for wedding gifts, specific to the nature of your acquaintance with the recipients.

For a non family acquaintance...

This Mouseman Cheeseboard and the pair of bucket bowl rummers above would be ideal for a couple whose interests or tastes you are not directly familiar with as they are both useful tangible household items with some history behind them. Click the images to visit the items on our website and read more about them.

For an extended family member or close friend...

This Maling Biscuit Barrel and Pair of Brass French Candlesticks are both ideal wedding gifts. They are both well made and attractive items with a practical use if necessary but a decorative element too.

For a close family member or lifetime friend...

This Butler's canterbury and Cuckoo clock are unique interesting and good quality items that would be an excellent addition to a newly wed couples home. The idea of a wall clock could be embraced with any style of timepiece, as this is a timeless and useful item that almost anyone would appreciate.

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