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Monday, 13 June 2011

Antique Wall Mirrors

Antique mirrors are the centre of attention in this week's blog and we even have a fine original example to show you too!
 An antique mirror can add drama  above a fireplace, reflect attractive decor in a dining room or serve a practical purpose in a bathroom. Their versatility is sublime and the finishing touch that adding a mirror to a room can make is remarkable. For these reasons, antique wall mirrors deserve some attention!

One of the first things people notice about antique mirrors is the condition of the mirror glass plate, whether it has turned a smokey grey with age or developed darker spots within the silvering. The mirror glass is one of the main ways an antique dealer can tell the age of a mirror, the lighter in weight, the thinner the mirror glass is and therefore the older the mirror. In the past, when mirrors were much more expensive to manufacture, makers used thinner pieces of mirror glass and so modern mirrors or reproduction mirrors made to look antique are heavier as they have thicker mirror glass or replaced mirror glass.

Antique mirrors with original mirror glass plates are few and far between following breakages, damage and modern tastes to replace them for practical use, although a mirror with the original glass is far more valuable. The mirror below is a lovely original example that has recently come into stock.
18th Century Chippendale Mahogany Wall Mirror (with original glass)

Mirrors that we sell often have the original mirror glass, although customers are welcome to request it to be replaced with modern glass for practical purposes and keep the original for any time they wish to sell the item on. This is a popular decision so that the value of the original glass is not lost, although there is a charge for this procedure!

In a completely different style, we also have a lovely 19th century console table and mirror in stock that would complete a hallway as well as being an imposing stylish first impression in your home. The mirror glass is also original but without any notable darkening to the silvering.

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