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Friday, 18 February 2011

Warehouse Progress

The warehouse is progressing well, with the estimated timescale of opening being one week. The joiners, carpet fitters, electricians are hard at work putting the finishing touches to the interior in time for customers to come flooding through the doors next week!

The Signage is up and we are really pleased with how visible it is!

The carpet is 'Rose' colour and warms up the look and feel of the space really well. We are hoping that people will be able to imagine the furniture in their own homes by creating a warm environment rather than the dark, dull and plain warehouses you often come accross for antiques.
 This picture doesn't do the carpet justice so you'll have to take our word for it that it looks lovely!

An impressively large square frame has been fitted by our master electricians who have placed it to hang just above the room settings (yet to arrive). This will create four well lit mock rooms for customers to browse furniture in a realistic sized setting, a great idea devised by Graham himself! (He has been known to have the odd good idea!!)

The Square Frame will accommodate spot lights as well as 
light fittings to complete the look of each room setting

You can be sure that we'll keep you posted with any more details and no doubt we'll be organising a swinging official launch party for our customers, to introduce them to the new site.

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