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Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Joy of Bureau's

An item that has peaks and troughs of popularity is the topic in the spotlight this week - the Bureau. Antique bureaus rise and fall in price each year, with a seemingly undecided and fickle fanbase. 

Some facts and interesting insights into the Bureau should help you make up your mind - hopefully for good!
  • The word Bureau is the French word for an office and the furnishing now known as a bureau is pretty much that - an office!
  • The antique bureau is one of the earliest forms of a desk and has been around since the 1600's
  • Originally, the upper writing or 'Bureau' section was not attached to the chest as it was used by resting it on top of a chest. The two components were not joined until later in the 17th Century to create the piece of furniture we now know as a Bureau
  • A Bureau is simply a cross between a chest of drawers and a desk, with a mixture of storage and practicality you would think they'd be in huge demand - considering space is at a premium in England!

This is a fine example of an 18th century Chippendale mahogany bureau.

The bureau comprises of four graduated drawers with excellent quality oak drawer linings, original brass swan neck handles and working steel locking mechanisms. The bureau flap folds down to rest on two pull out bars either side of the top drawer and the surface is covered in an old baize writing surface.

Inside the top section are eight pigeon holes, six drawers with ring pull handles and a mirrored central door which houses two further pigeon holes and two small drawers. All of the interior drawers have the same high quality oak drawer linings and figured mahogany drawers fronts affixed with intricate dove tail joints. The bureau stands on four shaped bracket feet, which have a thumb mould edge where they join the base of the desk.

This bureau is in very good original condition and has a very good colour to the timber, a very practical furnishing and a good investment item.

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