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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Last Minute Shoppers Guide to Antiques

Christmas is now upon us, with only a week of shopping time remaining, although many of us (mostly men let’s be honest!) still have the task of finding those thoughtful and unique presents to make Christmas go with a bang rather than a dull pop.

Thankfully, the last minute shopper’s guide to antiques is here to save the day and help you find the right gift for the right person at the all important right price!

Firstly, let’s attend to the discerning lady. Beautifully crafted and interesting antique jewellery boxes make wonderful gifts for women as they are both useful and impressive looking (as well as being very easy to wrap - ideal for when you're in a hurry!)
Fine quality 'Garrard & co' (formerly Asprey & Garrard) jewellery / dressing box £1,850
This box is a great example of an impressive gift for the discerning lady. Thankfully, we have a good selection of jewellery boxes varying in price from £300 - £2000 so you will be able to choose the perfect box at the right price.

A second excellent option for ladies are dressing mirrors, these are always a good choice as every woman uses a mirror, so you can guarantee she'll use it every day! Again, we have a good selection varying in price from £180 - £800 with a variety of styles.

This Georgian Sheraton design Dressing Mirror has three useful drawers & original mirror glass too. £595 

The man who has everything is the next challenge, although the options are so numerous that you need worry no longer!

Interesting antique scientific instruments are very popular choices for men as they fit into the 'boy’s toys' category whilst being much more sophisticated than a modern gadget. Items such as barometers, microscopes, compasses & apothecary cabinets are all intriguing instruments. Barographs are so popular we've sold out already, but our selection of other scientific instruments should still enable you to find that perfect gift!

Edwardian Compound Monocular Microscope on a Mahogany platform base. £595

Another possibility for the man who has everything is a writing box or box desk as they are often known. The laptops of their day, they often have secret compartments - need I say more?! We have a good selection of antique writing boxes so you shouldn't have too much trouble selecting the perfect present, prices range between £400 and £1000.

Georgian Mahogany Box Desk with Secret Compartments £975

Finally, gifts for people whose tastes you are not particularly familiar with (random relatives etc!) If taking a bottle of wine is not quite enough, then why not accompany it with an antique wine glass to give them a comprehensive present that shows thought as well as being exceptionally pleasant to drink from. We have an excellent selection of single wine glasses, as well as sets and pairs so this idea should be relevant for a variety of situations! Also, the history, age and weight of the glass is an excellent talking point. Prices of single glasses range from £15 - £400
18th Century Georgian Wine Glass £120

That brings us to the end of the last minute shoppers guide to antiques, although if you're still stuck for ideas, try the gifts section of our website, which is packed full of interesting and unique Christmas gifts

May your Christmas be merry and your gifts be adored

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