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Thursday, 2 December 2010

An Interesting Find

Unusual Antique Stationery cabinet

The topic of this post is an unusual antique stationery cabinet, which has just arrived this week.

This antique box is very unusual in its construction and the woods used are an interesting combination.
I have never seen a box made in this way, with simulated slats to make it look like a trunk. Some of the slats are carved from a single panel of wood with others applied. The main construction wood looks to be mahogany, although it's difficult to tell. The box is made from very high quality wood and is in very good condition.
The interior has been veneered in olive wood with its very distinct grain, the inkwell and divisions are also made from of solid olive wood. The front of the box lifts and folds back to allow the two sets of trays to lever side ways. The interior has its original blue velvet covered blotting paper folder, which also holds some of the original antique writing implements, ruler, paper knife and pen. 

The picture above shows how the interior trays open out on levers to reveal the compartments in the base of the box. This design is seldom seen in stationary cabinets and gives the box a wide imposing profile when open.

The front panel hangs over the intorior when open, showing an engraved picture of a hunt giving chase to a fox. The contrast of innovative construction alongside traditional engraved scenes make this box quite unusual for the late 19th to early 20th century.

The box has three of these finely engraved panels, the one mounted on the top of the lid shows a horse racing scene and the panel to the back has three hounds chasing the fox over a stream. The three panels have had the engraving highlighted with silver and gold which is a little rubbed. 

The cabinet when closed locks at the base of the front and has two carrying handles that have a slatted detail to match the “Trunk” effect. This cabinet is £1,150 and is available to view at the shop in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, England or online at

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