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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The True Value of Antique Furniture

Do you think about the true value of the furniture you choose for your home? Do you consider the fact that if you choose modern furniture it will be virtually unsalable as soon as it leaves the showroom?
When you buy a car, you think about the resale value, the quality, the reliability and so on. When you buy furniture, does the same amount of thought go into the purchase and if not, why on earth not?!

Take these two wardrobes as an example; one is from a well known retailer of quality modern furniture and the other is a Victorian wardrobe. There are obviously slight differences in detail, although look at the true value below...
NEW £2,139 Retail Price
Resale Value = Nil


ANTIQUE £1,200 Retail Price
Resale Value = Approx 70% of retail price

When people say they can't afford to buy antiques, could it be that they haven't really considered the true value of the furniture they are choosing?!

The Victorian Walnut wardrobe above is available for sale, although after this post I don't think it's going to be there much longer!

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