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Thursday, 18 November 2010

How to Irish!

Irishing is a term used in the trade for the way to carry large square pieces of furniture. After an absolutely comical incident recently witnessed by Graham at Bonhams, this blog post was a must!

Incident details...Whilst standing talking with a group of fellow antique dealers, Graham was distracted by two men who had arrived to collect an enormous chest of drawers. They clearly had no idea what they were doing and started trying to lift the item down the stairs by each holding an end at the same level!

As we looked on in horror as the man going down the stairs began to get crushed and the man at the top of the stairs was practically dragged down! See the image below to visualise the scene!

Graham intervened and showed them how to Irish, saving them from near certain failure and lots of trouble from their employer when the chest was dropped down the stairs and ruined!

How to Irish!

Fist, ensure that any doors or drawers that could fall open when carrying are locked or secured shut.

This method requires two people standing at each short end of the piece of furniture. One person tips the chest away from them, until the top of the other side is at a comfortable carrying height for the other person, then the person who tipped the furniture should lift from the underneath of their side (which will by now be a comfortable carrying height without bending). The person opposite can now lift at the same time from the top edge by grasping both corners....
This is how to Irish!

Carrying furniture properly is something second nature to antique dealers, so it's nice to be able to spread the news that it doesn't need to be a nightmare! (Unless you're trying to move a Piano, in which case it actually is a NIGHTMARE!!)

Insight courtesy of..
Graham Smith Antiques
83 Fern Avenue,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

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