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Monday, 13 May 2013

Bois Durci

A collection of five French mid 19th century medallions made from animal blood and sawdust a process invented by Francios Charles Lepage in 1856 have just been loaded onto the website. Creating the medallions involved a process using animal blood from the Paris abattoirs mixed with finely ground hard wood - rosewood was a favourite. This mixture which formed a paste was then cured and heated under extreme pressure in moulds. The process in France was called "Bois Durci" (English "Wood" "Hardened") and the outcome was an early form of plastic - very hard and with a glossy texture.  This technique was mainly used to make small decorative household items and the medallions you can see below.

The two medallions above are of "Victoria Queen of England" and "Prince Albert", you can see how fine the detail of the moulds is. The backs of the medallions have the Bois Durci name moulded into the back

 During the later 19th century medallions were made of most of the European royal families, the famous, the great and the good.
The medallions are of 'Giuseppe Garibaldi', Napoleon III Emperor and 'Napoleon Prince Imperial NĂ© Le Mars 1856'.

The new material was used for the cases of Daguerreotypes, the early form of photograph invented in 1837 by Lois Jacques-Mande Deguerreand. Many other items including dominos, frames, ink wells, book covers, clock dials, etc. were made in the 19th century and into the early 20th century.

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