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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Edinburgh Trunk, a life time of travel

When I was in Edinburgh last week I took the photo below of a row of shops in Hanover Street just where it meets Princess street because I have a wonderful early 19th century trunk with a label inside showing a luggage shop in the same location.

The bottom of Hanover street with The Royal Scottish Academy just in view at the T junction.
If you look diagonally across the road where you can see the two telephone kiosks is where A Boswell Brush Trunk Port Manteau & Carpet Bag Manufacturers ran their business.

The shops without the modern front extensions and The Royal Scottish Academy to the left

The Trunk could tell some great stories of where it has been and how many times it has been loaded on and off the Coaches in the 19th century

Georgian Leather Bound Trunk

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