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Monday, 30 July 2012

Rare Victorian Ruby Glass Horns (c1890)

We are happy to introduce to customers a very unusual pair of Victorian ruby glass hunting horns. The horns have written glass detail and are deep ruby in colour whilst the surface pattern of the glass creates delicate ruby tones spiralling down the body. Indeed the spiral shape of the body makes these horns even more rare and more desirable.

These unusual horns are beautifully made with a delightful play of light when seen from any angle, creating sumptuous pinks and reds as well as intriguing patterns. They are in very good condition (Length 24.6cm (9.7 inches), Mouth Diameter 8.7cm (3.4 inches)).

For further information about this and all our antiques please visit our illustrated website, or better yet, pop into our themed showroom in Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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