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Thursday, 31 May 2012

We have moved!

After successfully completing the move from our Jesmond shop, we are pleased to announce Graham Smith Antiques has consolidated its two locations into one. Our new home is a large showroom at Benton.  Now our customers no longer need to travel between two sites, allowing them to browse our range of antiques at their convenience.   

When asked about the move Graham had the following to say: 

"The fact that I have had the Benton show rooms for over a year now meant that most customers in the North East knew about them, so the move would not have been a shock. It is a sensible decision with retail sales being difficult to find in Newcastle."

Indeed with sales from the internet now almost equalling those from the shop, and the present economic climate, it's definitely a smart move to amalgamate the two locations.  

The entrance to the Show Room in Benton is displayed below:

From the outside you see a light industrial building but once inside you discover a luxurious world of antiques and curios set in themed "room areas" to let you see our collection at its best.  The show rooms design is in keeping with the standards of quality we always strive to achieve at Graham Smith Antiques, ensuring the business's fundamental passion for antiques is communicated and maintained.  

We are already receiving complimentary remarks from the first customers who have viewed the new additions in our show room and as you can see for yourselves from the photograph below, it really is a lovely set up that helps you to see the collection more easily.

So if you have not yet had the chance to visit our show rooms in Benton, why not have a trip out and explore what we have on offer!  You can find the address and a map on our website as well as the phone number should you require directions or any further information.  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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