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Monday, 2 April 2012

Snow forecast?

Now I know what you're thinking: snow in April?? Sadly that is truth of it, after those glorious days of sunshine (which most of us were enjoying from the wrong side of the window at the office) snow and rain has settled in over Scotland and England. But what of it? Well we all have to hang on to our winter clothes for a bit longer and remain wishful of being able to look forward to more unbroken sunshine soon.

Meanwhile, how about a little weather warning assistance from the comfort of our own homes? Sure you can check the weather via the t.v or internet but to get truly local predictions you need to be checking the forecast the way the weather experts do it - with the help of a beautifully crafted antique barometer.

It was Admiral Fitzroy (1805-1865) who set up a network of barometer stations to help compile a list of data which in turn would provide "The Times" newspaper with the first ever public weather forecasts. Indeed Fitzroy coined the phrase "weather forecast". So what better way to check what your day has in store for you than using your own barometer?

At Graham Smith we have a varied selection of barometers, including a Fitzroy Barometer (shown below) featuring Fitzroy's Remarks! The Barometer is located in our Jesmond shop and on our website which provides more information, photographs and dimensions.

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