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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Unusual Egyptian Style Victorian Clock

New to Graham Smith Antiques is a rather unusual and bold Victorian mantel clock. Made from rouge and black marble, the beautifully engraved organic motifs make this piece very distinctive indeed.

As you can see from the photograph below, this clock has been made in an Egyptian style, a very unusual design for Victorians, and one that still appeals today. Bronze sphinxes rest on either side of the clock’s temple-like case giving balance through symmetry as well as adding to the sense of “strength” in the overall design.

Mounted on the top is a bronze bust of a Pharaoh that has been wonderfully carved to match the exquisite quality of the hieroglyphics which are mapped out equally across the clock's surface, as seen below. 

The clock is in full working condition with a year’s guarantee. It has an eight- day movement complete with a clear bell strike for the hours. 

Further details, photographs and dimensions can be found on the website or alternatively you can call our Jesmond shop on: 01912 815 065

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