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Friday, 16 September 2011

Satsuma Pottery

The delights of Satsuma pottery are as never ending as the tightly knit patterns wrapped round the vessels themselves.  One can identify typical Satsuma pottery by its heavily decorated exterior; gold glowing throughout bordered repetitive patterns separate the figures that represent Japenese Gods, myths and battles.  Often Samurai warriors, women, children and dragons, legendary creatures, associated with wisdom, make an appearance on items designed for places of worship.  A good example of which is shown in the photograph below, a Satsuma Temple Jar, circa 1920,  which we have in our Jesmond shop.

At Graham Smith Antiques, we have several Satsuma items which can be found on the Antiques Atlas website.  Among them is a delicate bowl, (shown below) made during the Meiji period (1868 to 1912), representing the first half of the Empire of Japan. This bowl is another excellent example of the use of Samurai Warriors and gold emblems, which enhance the beautifully adorned surface.  You can find more information, photographs and contact details via our Facebook Store, Selling Antiques website and Antiques Atlas website.

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