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Thursday, 12 May 2011

An Intriguing Sculpture

We have a new item in stock that we are quite intrigued by, it is an early 20th century ivory, gilded bronze and marble bust of a young girl by sculptor Agathon Léonard.

Agathon Léonard an Art Nouveau sculptor, was born in 1841 and died in 1923. Agathon Léonard is reportedly Belgian by birth, (although some historians say he was born in Lille) he apparently moved to France and worked in Paris, after studying under 'De La Planche' at the School of Fine Arts in Lille. 
Agathon Léonard was his pseudonym and his real name was Van Weydveldt, a fact that is not widely publicised. Although he was most famous for his bronze sculptures, he also worked with Ivory, Marble and Quartz. The sculpture that we have in our stock is gilded bronze with a marble base and ivory head.
He was very successful in France and in 1900 he was elected a ' Chevalier of the Legion of Honor', which is the highest decoration in France, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. The sculptor’s works are held in many collections, including that of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Although some fine examples are also seen within the mainstream antiques trade, meaning people are able to own a piece of art history.

The figure is signed behind the left shoulder "A. Leonard" as shown in the photograph above. The bust is carved ivory set within the gilded bronze torso and mounted on a square marble plinth.The subject has beautifully depicted curly hair, with a slender neck and an exquisite heart shaped face, adorned with coloured, gilded eyes.
This particular Agathon Léonard sculpture is of exceptional quality and is in excellent original condition. More images are shown on our website, where you can purchase the item directly. (Circa 1910) 
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