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Friday, 18 March 2011

Fair's Fair!

Last weekend's Linden Hall Antiques Fair was a great success, with more visitors and increased interest in antiques than we could have hoped for!

It is lovely to see people that travel, quite often from far afield, browse through all of the exhibitors stands and take home a purchase or two. Especially nice when they are customers who have been invited through our mail outs or local distribution, so a big thank you to everyone who supported the fair again this year!

This is a quick snap of our stand, with some fresh flowers to complete the homely look!(The vase, bookshelves, candlesticks and overmantle mirror in the background are now sold, along with the card table in the foreground.)

Many of the items that we took to the fair did not return to the shop after being purchased, although one item that we are especially fond of did return; an Edwardian Games Compendium with a rather interesting mixture of games and in excellent condition. You can still browse through the images and description of this lovely box on our website by clicking the picture below.
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